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Style notebook: Get the look - Daisy Lowe

The suit imbues the wearer with an insouciance that a frock and an up-do just don't conjure up. What model, Daisy, who was at The Saturday Night Show, is essentially working here is a very chic suit and shirt with edgy touches of vamp in her tousled locks, red slash of lip and an undone shirt. She keeps things up to date with a nice bit of on-trend - but not slavishly so - 90s goth, with those silver and black accessories.

So Over: Over-abbreviating

2014 was the year that a number of irritating colloquialisms took hold. It was the year of punctuating our sentences with 'hashtag', speaking our acronyms (oh em gee, anybody?) and the most offensive of all: over-abbreviating. We were all down with 'amaze' and 'totes awkie momo' (totally awkward moment, for anyone not as down as us), but then things just got a little 'cray' (crazy). Before anyone could say 'WTF', we found ourselves telling someone that they looked 'sensaysh' - as in sensational. This is out of control. A host of Irish celebrities have also suffered at the hands of our Twitter-speak, as it is now practically 'mand' (mandatory) for us to come up with 'abreves' and 'acros' for their names. TVL (Tom Vaughan Lawlor) and M-Ken, right, we apologise. Take heart. These days you're a nobody if you still warrant full-name appellation.

Daisy Lowe

Pictures: short formal dresses

Braganza Extravaganza at River Island

Just when we start to think that we are experiencing high-street collab-fatigue, another hysteria-inducing joining of forces is announced. This time, it is Jean-Pierre Braganza who has been named as the newest designer to work with the River Island Design Forum. The Design Forum differs from other high street collabs, as River Island choose next-big-thing designers to create the capsule collection each season. Snap up a RIDF hero piece, and you could have a fashion artefact on your hands akin to buying a Vivienne Westwood T-shirt in the mid 1970s. Jean-Pierre Braganza x River Island Design Forum is shaping up to be a bold collection of riotous patterns and colours with boiler-suits, such as this one, left, dresses and separates from €40-€130.

Shopping with health benefits at BT2

Alchemy Juice Co, the new coffee, juice and clean-living lunch spot upstairs at BT2 on Grafton St, has been on our radar for a while now, but prior to this, we were busy burying our heads in the mince pies, and in the sand, regarding our health over the festive period. Now that January is well underway and we are in sanctimonious form, we're ready to get back into good habits. Two of our new year's resolutions are serendipitously colliding upstairs at BT2: the healthy-eating thing and decision to get more exercise - the stairs at BT2 count, right? Alchemy juice is the latest enterprise from restaurateurs Domini and Peaches Kemp, who roped in our very own self-proclaimed health geek Susan Jane White to develop a menu of juices, delicious salads and sweet treats that are good for the body and suitable for any neurotic eaters in your life. We are currently having a love affair with the My-My Milkshake; a lot of good, with a side of bad, in the form of a shot of coffee.

Chic Cheat: One Bag three ways

If anyone is still hurting from the January sales, we have just the solution. Don't worry, we would never recommend curbing the shopping - going cold turkey would be too much of a risk to our health. No, we are prescribing this clever Folli Follie bag, right, €235, Arnotts. This sleek little number from our fave accessories label is basically a three-for-the-price-of-one deal - one bag that can be worn three ways, with a clever removable-insert bag. We love the textured grey finish, which will perfectly compliment our sartorial segue from winter darks to spring pastels and pops of colour.

Stylewatch: Vivienne Connolly

Debate has raged for years about exactly when a woman hits her style-stride in life. We've at least agreed that being at your firmest and most youthful guarantees nothing. From the teenage awkward years to fashion-clangers like the short fringe we thought we could pull off in our mid-20s, through to the sensible (read boring) dressing that we all feel compelled to dabble in during our 30s. Here is model, Vivienne Connolly, left, doing a veritable masterclass in how to do cleavage in your 40s without veering into MDL - mutton dressed as lamb - territory. We like Viv - she's like our answer to Cameron Diaz and she does a great suit.

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