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Kennedy Pope: Three upgraded fashion trends for 2015

The peplum dress got extremely popular in 2014, and popularity has risen the past couple of years. The peplum dress is different and not an ordinary dress, which is why it was popular in 2014. As for 2015, the peplum dress has changed to a baby doll dress. In the early 2000s, this type of dress was popular. Instead of having an empire waist, it has no waist at all.

The baby doll dress flares out dramatically in a trapeze shape. Since the baby doll dress is not fitted and tight, it will look good on every body type. This dress is meant to show off your legs, so you can go as short as you desire.

Kennedy Pope

Photo: evening dresses

Unlike the peplum dress, the baby doll dress can be a day and night dress, and all you would have to do is change shoes. The peplum dress was an elegant dress and not typically a daytime dress and could not look presentable on all types of bodies. The structured crop top was exceptionally popular in 2014, and I can’t say I’m sad to see it leave. The crop top was hitting you right at the narrow part of your waist and shaped like a perfect square with just a slight amount of skin showing.

This year is bringing in a brand new shirt, and it’s all about oversized tops. This new top is called the slouchy, pre-knotted top. It is elegant and shows way less skin than the crop top. Like the crop top, this shirt focuses attention on your waist.

Since this shirt has a knot or ties at the waist, it provides an hourglass shape to your body.

In 2014, boyfriend jeans were just about everywhere. If you weren’t wearing a skinny jean you were wearing boyfriend jeans. Everyone wore the jeans cropped just above your ankle and often at times rolled over once or twice. There’s a twist on the boyfriend jeans this year called the highwater jean. This jean has a higher rise and a baggier look.

These jeans are not going to be for everyone, but it provides a more mature look. The boyfriend jean was a distressed look with rips and tears that does not provide as much of a mature look as the highwater jeans. A baggier pant can make you appear longer and leaner.

This year seems to already be more conservative than 2014, and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

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