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EUR on the Front Row for GROOM Fashion Show Launch

GROOM is the custom tuxedo line by celebrity fashion designer Octavius Marsion and celebrity choreographer/director Jamal Sims. Their tuxedos first gained worldwide attention in the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis video featuring Madonna “Same Love.”

Groom Custom Tuxedo launched their exclusive show at the Pasadena Ambassador Mansion & Gardens (11-15-15). Groom’s line is a contemporary and sophisticated custom take on tuxedo’s.

GROOM ​is providing a collection of men’s original tuxedos and suits, original customer-consulted tuxedos and suits, dress shoes, custom neckwear, and appropriate accessories.​ ​The quality will rival that of Tom Ford, D&G, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior, with supple pricing comparable to brands like Zara and TopMen.

Electronic Urban Report/EUR associate Herica Thompson was on the scene with guests like Shanice from OWN’s “Flex & Shanice” and Milan from VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop LA” who enjoyed the lavish show featuring, live DJ’s, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

groom - 3 (shanice1)

photo: GraziaDressAU

EUR: How important is fashion to your career?

SHANICE: It is super important. If I listen to a song or if a song doesn’t grab me right away but I see a video and what their wearing is fly. I like the video. Fashion is important. It makes you feel good when you look good.

MILAN: It absolutely is important. I’m working on some dope visuals for my upcoming video.

EUR: What brings you to GROOM fashion show?

SHANICE: I’m friends with the designers. Jamal Sims is my choreographer. One of my best videos I’ve ever shot was “When I Close My Eyes.” Jamal did that choreography. I’m super excited for my friends. It’s gonna be hot because they have amazing taste.

EUR: What are you currently working on?

image: http://c14.zedo.com/jsc/images/zplayer/inarticle-Close-Btn.png

MILAN: I have a new single called “When I Go” that’s doing amazing on the charts. My new album “Final Fantasy” comes out in January. Everything is going pretty good.

SHANICE: We just finished our second season of the show Flex & Shanice. We’re waiting to shoot our 3rd season. I’m still working on the song I started with Ne-Yo. I have a lot more in store.

EUR: How has being on Love & Hip Hop changed your life?

MILAN: The show gave me a platform and relevancy. So I appreciate it.

EUR: Is there anything you’ve learned about yourself from watching it back?

MILAN: That I look fat on TV. I look much bigger and huskier than I am in person.

EUR: What’s the status of you & Miles’ relationship?

MILAN: There is absolutely no friendship with me and Miles. We are definitely not together. I know being on the show broke us up. However, I am dating someone else right now and eventually everyone will find out pretty soon.

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