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Fashion Interiors offers expansive selection of contemporary furniture

MERRY Christmas to all! It’s the day after Christmas but the shopping isn’t over. Home décor and accessories are great options to complete that Christmas list. I recently discovered Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelissen, an impression furniture and home accessories showroom with several beautiful showcases of stunning lifestyle rooms.

Located at 2307 Chino Roces Avenue Extension (formerly known as Pasong Tamo Extension) behind Intertek Building, Fashion Interiors offers an expansive selection of contemporary furniture with unique detailing. After years of just exporting globally under the flagship company Far East Furniture, local buyers can enjoy wonderful Fashion Interiors pieces to highlight and accent their homes.

Uninterrupted rise

There has been an uninterrupted rise of reputation for Far East Furniture due to its beauty and emphasis in high-quality living. After successful collections such as “Gallery Clair,” “Episode,” “Corvelli” and “Contradictions,” Paul Cornelissen has now developed something new and spectacular. As a reason for the continuous progress globally, the company is delighted to have found Paul Cornelissen eager to share and to create yet another eye-catching, worldwide concept, Fashion Interiors.

FASHION Interiors’  Paul Cornelissen Jr. between Tessa Valdes and daughter Annika

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The concept, with an area of 2,000 square meters, is currently open and located right next to Echo Plaza in Makati. Homeowners and shoppers are always welcome to visit and be completely amazed. The experience of viewing brand-new interiors is overwhelming. Visitors could delight on the uniqueness and diversity of the individual rooms. Each décor is a masterpiece and surely a great addition to any home.

The Fashion Interiors collection predominantly focuses on the aspect of atmospheres. Each individual room in the store is classified by specific and unique themes, all of which adopt the “latest” trends. Themes are especially devised and suggested by Paul Cornelissen.

Fashion Interiors is entirely centered on emphasizing its exclusivity by the combinations of classical, modern and romantic furniture models. With these types of furniture come the latest fabric choices from specific areas around the world. The different mixtures in fabrics give sofas, dining chairs and other pieces of furniture that exceptional and warm look that is desired.

Offers lighting, accessories

Aside from furniture, the lifestyle store offers lighting and accessories with ethnic impressions. The pieces are fused with eastern accents and western influences.

The Fashion Interiors collection intelligently balances a choice of high-quality furniture for every possible household room, from fine-dining, comfortable living rooms to romantic and modern bedrooms. Harmoniously completed with its unique accessories, Fashion Interiors items provide a lasting impression. The shop revives its collection every year to ensure its customers’ unrivaled expectations are met.

Original accessories presented at the shop are taken from distinctive parts of the world. These accessories aid in giving these individual rooms the “final touch.” Furthermore, the collection illustrates diverse types of art, which helps in accentuating the theme and philosophies of the room. Types of art in the flagship shop differ in the form of photography, paint and even sculptures.

The flagship store recently introduced the new concept of the “Fashion Bar,” a bar/restaurant completed with the company’s latest furniture. The “Fashion Bar” is responsible for hosting big names for specific private and corporate events. It is worth remembering the experience the company has acquired in international hospitality and real estate projects ranging from restaurants/clubs such as Caviar in Alabang, Republiq Club Manila and Opus Club Manila, to more high-class hotels/resorts including El Palacete Soñado Hotel in Spain and the Lewis Grand Hotel in Angeles.

Internationally acclaimed

Ever since the initial rise of Far East Furniture in the Netherlands during the 1970s as well as its present-day growth, it has always been an internationally acclaimed company becoming a trusted supplier among furniture importers, wholesalers and retailers worldwide. In addition, there has been continual success in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. Thus, Far East Furniture will remain working with selected distributors and retailers across the world in order to create this new and unique shopping experience.

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