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Refurbished flowers and botanical prints


If you are into prepping your season's style guided by the latest trends, you can definitely rejoice about keeping floral prints around. They come and go but seem to make it into the most celebrated runways time and time again. And there's one true reason for that. Florals are rarely unnoticed, nor will they fail to enhance a true fashionable spring style if that's what you are aiming for.

Some designer takes have embraced botanic and floral prints in all they splendor.

Turning maxi dresses, skirts, and light, textured blouses into either ethereal visions that make us think of blossoming secret gardens, or eye-striking color enhanced vintage takes, that merge definite botanic textile designs with flower embroidery, patchwork or some surprising flower geometry, even for guys.


Nevertheless, you'll notice how designers have gone to great lengths and managed to make unequivocal botanic prints seem as casual and effortless as wearing small, navy stripes! They have become an easy to pair up staple that speaks loud about your fashion sense and on-trend style. If you are wondering how to do it, it's almost always a matter of pairing correctly. We'll show you how!

What to pick?

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• A flower pencil skirt can be the classiest office statement.

• Guys can get the weekend spring look by adding a pair of flower-printed trousers to their closet.

• A light, textured, light-printed, mid-length dress can be an amazingly versatile and feminine, never-seen-before, closet addition.

How to wear it?

• Match flower-printed pieces with tailored, one-hued separates for a sharp look.

• Add the flower print to the slimmest part of your body, and bring all the attention!

• Guys can get the most out of fully botanic printed T-shirts and match with a blazer for a total in style look, or just roll up the sleeves a bit for an urban Vegas look.

Dare to wear it!

• A two-piece botanic suit with one-colored stilettos, or one-tone leather shoes for guys to create a complete fashion statement.

• Go for flower, hand-painted, embroidered or printed-flower accessories, such as backpacks, bags and sneakers.

• Discreetly printed and buttoned-up flower shirts for guys at the office to add some hipster style.

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